Surveying is a science that deals with the determination of the relative positions of points on or near the earth’s surface. These points may be needed to lay out roads, highways, rail roads, airfields and structures of all kinds; which may be needed for cultural, hydrographic or terrain features for mapping. The relative horizontal positions of these points are determined from distances while their vertical positions are computed from the differences in elevations which are measured directly or indirectly from an established point of reference or datum. We do different types of surveys and are having responsibility for planning, engineering and design, operation, construction and related regulatory functions, civil works and environmental projects.

1. Control survey
2. Contour & Route survey under Topographic Survey
3. Utility surveys
4. Construction lay out
5. As built surveys
6. Land use Planning

1. Control Survey:  We conduct this survey for providing horizontal or vertical position data for placement of geodetic monuments, construction baselines and establishing elevation benchmarks.

2. Topographic survey: We conduct topographic survey as
A. Contour survey B. Route survey.

A. Contour survey:  which covers a larger area like port, power plant, SEZ, mines and commercial projects where we provide all exterior boundary lines indicating the contour land description, road access to the survey area, landscape details, terrain of the area and all other natural and artificial features. We are specialized in conducting survey for Irrigation, Power plant, Port, SEZ and mines.

B. Route Survey: Route surveys are most commonly used for streams channels highways, railways, canals, power transmission lines, pipelines and other utilities. In general, route surveys consist of determining ground configuration and the location of objects within and Along the proposed route, establishing the linear or curvilinear alignment of the route and determining volumes of earthwork required for construction. We are specialized in Transport system like Monorail, Metro rail, MRTS, LRTS and Gauge conversion, New line, Doubling in Rail network, and BRTS, HCBS, NH, SH and Rural Roads in Road network for DPR (Detailed Project Report) and FLS (Final Location Survey).

3. Utility Surveys: We conduct the utility surveys for the existing system. In reality, utilities are transport systems in their own right. There may be problems regarding Right of way above or below ground.

4. Construction Layout: It is conducted to provide a staked layout of architectural or engineering design so that a project can be built in the proper place with the proper dimensions, including preliminary staking for vegetation clearing, and providing control for utilities such as storm and sanitary sewer and water; systems and for road layout etc We are specialized in rail, road, building etc.

5. As Built Survey: As Built surveys are surveys complied with to show actual condition of completed projects as they exist for record purpose. Since many changes occur during construction, both authorized and clandestine, surveys are conducted to check the project against plans and specifications.

6. Land use Planning: We prepare feasibility and concept studies for the highest and best use of land for residential and commercial sites.

Other than the above referred surveys, we do Machinery Levelling & Allignment woks of precision equipment like turbo generators, Kiln & chimney with our Digital Theodolites and Total station.

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