The PRIME MERIDIAN SURVEYS PVT LTD., founded in 1995 formerly known as ‘MERIDIAN SURVEYS’ was incorporated as a private limited company under the Companies Act 1956 in the year 2007.

Founded in 1995 as MERIDIAN SURVEYS with a strength of 5 employees has grown up to the size of employing 65 staff members containing 15 survey teams and office staff whose service extend across our country.

The Prime Meridian Surveys Pvt. Ltd., has developed procedures and techniques to incorporate the latest technologies and best available information into the surveying and process of mapping utilities. It uses the most modern technology to produce a highly professional range of services. It provides the answer to your search for a total mapping package. Our Company has collected utilities and details above ground for its clients.

The Prime Meridian Surveys Pvt. Ltd., has completed more than 350 projects. Survey & mapping has been carried out for more than 1.75 lakh Hectares, 23,000 kms and these surveys include cadastral, land, engineering, route and other utility surveys.

The Prime Meridian Surveys Pvt. Ltd., has good experience in the field of plotting i.e. combining the field measurement sketches and digitization.

The Prime Meridian Surveys Pvt. Ltd., has the expertise capacity and modern equipments to carry out any type of survey and Mapping project to the highest standard of excellence.

The Prime Meridian Surveys Pvt. Ltd., employ willing and dedicated, hardworking surveyors and survey assistants to give high standard of service consistently in a friendly, helpful and approachable style with timely service.

The Prime Meridian Surveys Pvt. Ltd., do not stand still. We continually seek to improve our knowledge of latest technologies and equipments and methods of design so that we can offer our clients, effective up to date service and new ideas. Our clients’ project is important to us, no matter what ever be the size or location.

The Prime Meridian Surveys Pvt. Ltd., conducts periodical lecture demonstration meetings with our field and office staff to build up their knowledge in their performance, business ethics, safety rules and so on.

The Prime Meridian Surveys Pvt. Ltd., is proud to say that for the past few years, the Company’s turnover is around 20 to 23 million INR per year.

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Our level of repeated business is very high (up to 70%) and many clients have entrusted with all their projects over many years.  This is a testament to our technical skill, the quality and value that we add through innovation and creative thinking.  It is as well a proof of strong working relationship that we foster with our clients.

We have handled about 350 major and minor projects over a period of 15 years for Central & State Government Departments., Public & Private Sectors, Multi National Companies, for National Highways, Railways, Pipelines, Power projects, SEZ, Ports, Mines and Environmental & Irrigation, Water & Sewer lines and for land promoters.

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We value our clients and offer cost effective solutions for a realistic fee and we provide the right level of resources for all our work and go that extra mile with no hidden extras.  And finally, we always challenge ourselves to be better.

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